Case Study: Tim Scott

£300,000 a Year Amazon Seller

Starting the FBA Private Label Journey


"When we started working with Michael it was the beginning of our FBA journey and Michael showed us how to look at markets to assess whether they were worth entering and whether there's a good enough volume of sales, whether one company is dominating more than it should, whether there's an opportunity for us to go in and take a piece of the market.

And that was very valuable information that we wouldn't have looked at it that way at the beginning, had we not had Michael on board showing us. Then once we went off and did some homework, came back with some ideas and Michael looked at the ideas and assesed whether he thought they were worth a go or not, and possibly how we may go about entering the market.

So we found products to enter the markets in that we'd agreed on, and he helped us with shipping inspections and just things to avoid, the mistakes to avoid when trying to source products and get shipped in.


And anytime we needed to sort of pass an email under his nose to have a look at  it, he was always ready to comment back and give us some help, make sure we didn't make any silly mistakes.

Certainly in terms of that with any business, if you're learning as you go is you're going to make a lot of mistakes. So it's always helpful to have someone on hand that has either made the mistakes already or knows how to avoid them; it's a much smoother path.


I think a lot of people probably give up in the FBA journey because of these mistakes that happen along the way, you know, they're not properly protected from them.

So I think having a mentor is very important part of the journey. Certainly it avoids a lot of expensive mistakes or were even  avoids you giving up because you can see other people that have actually managed to do it, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do it as well."

Case Study: Tim Huybrechts

€400,000 a Year Seller

Rob Coughlan

Experienced Amazon Seller, Relaunching Product

On Track for Results
"This Q4 even looking at just my two products,   I'm going to sell through my shipment, which is probably going to be about £30,000 pounds.[$37,000 USD]  We've got everything dialled in. I know exactly what my profit margin is going to be. I know for a fact I'm going to sell it through.  I'm probably looking at making between 26 and 30% profit margin So, you know, that's really getting me going."


Clarity, Focus, Achievable Goals


 I was just stuck with figuring out the whole grand scheme of things. I had launched a product before, but,  I was having trouble understanding what was a good product and what would work.

And even just from a couple of sessions,  you just gave me so much clarity,  I felt like  the cost for the one on one mentoring was, was paid back tenfold. I just felt like the money I saved, even from that £300 pounds [$370USD] or whatever it is, I'll have made that back, year over year, month over month.

I'm just a hundred percent focussed, now you're leading me in the right direction.  I'm not going down the rabbit hole of  using all the tools.  We're just we're focussing on Q4 and, uh,  I've got my plan in place.

You're extremely realistic. It's not as if you're going to say, listen, Rob, you're gonna make a million  now in Q4  [but] I know I'm going to crush it with what you've actually told me. So it's really positive and I know where we're going to go in the future,  and I'm focusing on  the right things and the business will grow.

And. as you say, you're not a woo-woo person-  very realistic goals. And I know I'm going to get to where I want to be; not making millions but a good few thousand pounds every month, and I'm happy with that.

Warren Gilham

£1.8 Million a Year Amazon Seller

Working with Michael was and continues to be an outstanding experience.  If like me starting up in Private Label looked a little like an expedition to climb Everest, then fear not you have come to the right place. 


Michael works you through the process stage by stage at a pace to suit you.  I have no doubt that the cost of my mentoring has been covered by the mistakes I have avoided alone.  So much better to learn through others mistakes than your own. 

Zach de Botton

Launched 2 new Private Label products and SOLD OUT 1st product!

Michael has been mentoring me for a few months now and has helped me through all stages of the amazon journey.


His attention to detail and vast knowledge of all things Amazon, combined with his great understanding of data and analytics has allowed me to quickly scale my business

He’s very easy to work with and I would highly recommend his mentoring services and courses.

John Timoney

£60,000-per-year Amazon Seller

Thanks so much for your time earlier Michael, I really appreciate it. I already feel like I’m getting great value from these sessions with you… 


You’re helping me to take a step back and break those items down into meaningful and digestible tasks – I’m getting clarity where there hasn’t been any before. Being too close to issues, challenges and problems, I find that I relentlessly wrestle with things, without necessarily fixing them properly, because I’m too overwhelmed with everything that I need to do. So … thanks again!”

The AFBA Mentoring Programme 
How To Launch your First Private Label Product on Amazon Within 6 Months ...Without Confusion or  Big Risk...

What will we focus on?

It depends on where you're at in your Amazon journey. 


If you're just starting out with your first product, we may review your product research (Market research); check your Supplier choices; or develop or refine a launch strategy.  


Once you're selling, we may review the marketing numbers on Seller Central; dig into your profit and loss; develop a branding strategy; review your listings to increase conversions - it depends on what you need.


In all cases, we will focus on what will move your business forward as far and as fast as possible, while making realistic and calculated assessments.

Tess Freeman

 Amazon Seller of Several Years

"Michael...thank you for a really useful session; it's so helpful to do the big picture vision stuff with you - as well as go through the detail...the masterminds...are always incredibly helpful as well.

I think your training will be excellent, to fill a huge void in the UK for decent Amazon education - with a healthy dose of realism, integrity and practicality. In line with your podcast strategy...Thanks again. 

Charlotte Ellis

Amazon Seller with first 3 products Live 

"It’s still early in my Amazing FBA journey, but… Michael’s input has accelerated my Amazon progress by probably around six months, based on the speed of the trial and error process I was using.... prior to this.


Investing in the ... calls has sky rocketed my Amazon activity, and has given me the ability to set goals, and the confidence that I will reach them. Meaning my Amazon business has just taken a giant leap closer to achieving my ambition of allowing me to be time and location independent in my work.

Could not recommend more highly."

How to Enter the Programme


Is mentoring the right thing for me now?


That depends! Coaching and Mentoring should help anyone with some initiative, focus  and energy to double or triple their initial investment in coaching.

However, this programme is not for serial seminar attenders or shiny object chasers! (Don’t feel too bad if you recognise yourself here, that was me for years…) It’s for those who are motivated action takers. I’ll need a little detail to know if that’s you. Hence the application-only process.

How to Enter the Programme