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    Secondly,  the course is due for a refresh in the next 2-3 months. We're going to make it more user-friendly, simpler and more up-to-date.


    Let's be clear: pretty much all of it still just as relevant as we always follow the most evergreen, future-proof strategies we can. 


    But there might be some small differences from the appearance of a few Amazon screens that have altered over the last few months. So we're giving you a discount, in case you find that a mild irritant. 


    Given that we will be selling the course for £395/approx $500 when it is fully refreshed and updated, this is a large  massive saving to access pretty much the same material - and above all, the same winning process.


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    This course lives and dies by social proof, just like we do as Amazon sellers.


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A Sneak Preview of the Course...

Why use the Private Label Process?

  • Products with Defensible Profit

    If you've been around a while, you'll know that differentiation is key. 

    Learn the deep dive processes for finding out what consumers really want; and how to present it to them for a high price. 


    Based on sophisticated Customer Avatar work gleaned from Andre Chaperon, Jason Miles and other insiders in the 10K Collective, and tailored to the exact needs of a new seller on Amazon. 

  • Sourcing with Lower Stress

    Listen, as an Amazon seller - you face several big risks:

    • Getting a product that is not up to scratch (That means angry 1-star Amazon Reviews)
    •  Paying too much so you wipe out your profit
    • Having products damaged in transit or stuck in customs (not fun).


    Most new sellers have no clear system. They accept the prices given or have half-hearted attempt at negotiating. They don't get goods inspected in China.  And they do things like trying to organise sea freight themselves (hint - never do this).


    But did you know that the most common issue with China sourcing is not fraud -it's consistent product quality!  Meanwhile Amazon has bred a generation of hyper-fussy consumers (we both know that's true, because we are them)


    That's why you MUST know the right way to source from China. The smart way. The SAFE way. And the ONLY way that's not crash your profits or your reputation on Amazon.

  • Launch for the moon - not into empty space...

    Amazon works in a particular way. Like Google, it's what an engineer would call a "positive feedback loop". 

    In English, this means success is rewarded with success - and failure with failure. 


    Sounds fair enough, right?

    Well...what if you're just starting out though?


    A bad launch on Amazon isn't just a bad start you can easily come back from. You can come back from it but it's much harder. 


    It's actually a Catch-22 situation (if you've never read it the book, you should. It's genius). 


    In order to rank, you need to be giving signals to the Amazon Algorithm (the computer brain that runs the customer-facing site) that your product is worth ranking. 

    But to do that, you need to show up for keywords, get clicks and get sales. But in order to do that, you need to have already told the algo it's worth ranking your product. 


    Getting a solution to this is critical. Get it wrong and your product will be practically invisible (except to some drunken madman navigating page 12 of the keyword results). You might sell single digits of units a month. 

    Get it right, and you might even get into the Amazon "Jetstream" on page 1. For some products, that can mean 100s of units a month sold in many areas. 


    Our intimate knowledge of 100s of product launches across multiple 7 and 8 figure sellers means we know the latest state of play with the algorithm and what actually works rather than sounding cool/being the latest "shiny object".  

Here's what you're getting getting with Private Label Process and how it can help you NOW.

The Private Label Process is the most complete Amazon private label course out there for under $1000. That gives you confidence, clarity and stops you wasting time digging around for information online.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to watch all the videos and read these words. 


Whether we work together at all, now or in future, I wish you the very, very best with your business building dreams.
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Do something to honour them. You only live once (as far as I know!)





What You're Getting With This LIMITED Offer!


The content of the Phases

In order to facilitate learning by doing, we’ve split the course into several “Phases”: 

This is the “20,000-foot view” if you like.


THE PHASES (highest level)


What it says on the tin. It’s the map, the big picture overview  before I hit you over the head with the how-to details.

Don’t skip this. The mindset stuff in particular has - to my shock to an extent - proved the most important barrier to success with Amazon sellers. 


 (Quick & Dirty Retail Arbitrage)


What’s the idea?

We are certainly not going to try to run before we can walk. In this phase, we aim to crawl before we can walk. 


Before we try to sell $10,000 worth of private labelled product online, before we even import $1000 worth - let’s try to make £100 online. 


To do this, we are simply going to do a bit of “quick and dirty” retail arbitrage. The aim of this is NOT to teach you to become an expert Arbitrager, by the way. It’s about learning the basics of Amazon. 


This gives us two crucial things:


1. Skillset: how to list things on Amazon, inbound shipping. A test of the rather messy “Backend” of Amazon - the (in)famous Seller Central.  


2. Mindset: you may get actual profits here - allbeit tiny amounts - but that’s not the aim. It’s about gaining confidence, and starting to learn by interacting with the “real life” of the Amazon machine, and real customers. 


Why “Phase Zero?“ - we’re not yet building a real business; but we are building the entrepreneur. 


(Choose, source & Test Launch a small order of Generic/off-the-shelf products)


This phase is where most of the learning curve happens. So it’s broken down into several modules, and multiple lessons. 


Here I break down the framework, the scaffolding, that makes up the workhorse engine of our process. 


Niche: we research the niche markets in great detail.


Source: we source generic products - that is, with a ready-made design and no branded packaging. In most cases, for under $1000 for the order.


Test Launch: we do a test launch to learn the skillset of launching and to assess the market for a particular product line.


WARNING: There’s a lot that goes into this. But I want you to build a real business. And - as they say - retail is detail. 


Sure, I could have created some simplistic quick course much more easily and sold it more easily too. 


My thinking in this was simple: 


By giving you all the detail you may need, you can always skip things you don’t need. But I don’t want you to have to start googling.


The basic idea: it’s all here, everything you need. If not, as a Beta tester, you have the right to hit us up and ask - and we’ll create training for you on any missing topic!


(re-evaluate, Source Private Label version of Phase 1 product, Do a Full Launch with a larger order)


This is another big phase. Again, it's broken into multiple modules.


Here we take what is working from the  “Generic”/off-the-shelf products we now have.  


We learn how to read the signals we’re getting from the market; how to go back to our suppliers and refine and customise a private label product; and then how to do a full-scale launch to get serious traction & serious sales on Amazon. 

Niche: we go back to our data from the "ASSESS" phase launch and revise the niche market data.


Source Private Label: we source private label products - that is, we add our logo, and packaging design. This is where we finally invest significant money - typically, around $3000 for an order and another $1000-2000 for launch.


Full Launch: we do a test launch to learn the skillset of launching and to assess the market for a particular product line.

All sounds like a lot of work. 


Meaningful Measuring: We’ll learn what metrics to keep an eye on in Amazon -what the difference is between sessions and page views; what conversion rate is, how to find it and why it matters, etc. 


The good news?


We’ve done 80% of the work already in Phase 1. If all has gone well, we just have a Private Labelled version of the same product we’ve been selling already. Maybe a bit of tweaking. Usually a bigger order. But essentially - more of the same. 

We get to reuse 80% of our work. But at a fraction of the risk.



(Learning to read the essential numbers; deal with customer service - and reordering stock)


This is mostly the “Review” bit.

We’ll also deal with customer service, getting good reviews and handling less good ones! 


Stock Management: We’ll start learning the art of inventory management and making re-order decisions.  


Expanding your Business: And finally, having got a successful private label launch under our belts, we'll look at the many exciting possibilities for expanding your business. 


Whole Course Review: We wrap up the course with a review of the entire course for good measure. 

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Here we go then - just remember: you asked!



​Module 1 - Introduction

  • Welcome & What to Expect
  • The Big Picture - Why eCommerce & Amazon are HOT
  • How to Approach this Course
  • Course Overview & Timescales

Module 2 - Business Setup

  • Intro to Module
  • Intro to Business Setup
  • Legal entity - Sole Trader vs. Ltd. Company (UK Sellers)
  • How to form a UK Ltd. Company
  • Banking Setup
  • Preparing to Set up Amazon Seller Central 
  • Amazon Seller Central Setup UK
  • Seller Central FAQs
  • Amazon Europe vs. Amazon USA
  • Wrapup of Business Setup

Phase Zero - Amazon Basics 

Module 3 - Learning the Basics via Retail Arbitrage

  • Overview of the Module - SOURCE > LIST > SHIP
  • SOURCE - Simple Retail Arbitrage (Home or local shops)
  • Simple product cost tracking hack
  • LIST using Amazon Smartphone App
  • LIST - checking profitability
  • LIST - setting up FBA listing
  • LIST - Checking Listing-Item Match & Setting up FBM listing
  • The order from the customer perspective
  • Fulfilling an FBM Order From within Seller Central
  • SHIP - FBA Overview
  • Inbound Shipping 1
  • Inbound Shipping 2 - FNSKU labels
  • Inbound Shipping 3
  • Inbound Shipping 4 - Shipping Labels
  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • Summary of Amazon Basics
  • Wrapup of Amazon Basics Phase

​Phase 1 - "ASSESS" (Market test Generic product)


Module 4 - NICHE Research Part 1

  • Introduction to Phase 1
  • Introduction to NICHE (Market Research)

Product Idea Creation

  • Product Idea Creation (PIC) Overview
  • PIC Manual 1 - Person & Pain
  • PIC Manual 2 - Products Ideas
  • Product Idea Creation using Google


  • Relationship Person + Pain - Keywords
  • Keyword structure - long and short tail
  • The Amazon Algorithm 1 - What is it? Why does it exist?

 Module 5 - Product Idea Elimination

  • Product Idea Elimination (PIE) -overview
  • Budget & Product Selection
  • PIE - scanning many keyword niches with Jungle Scout
  • PIE using JS - First Pass
  • PIE - Demand and Demand Depth/Brand Dominance
  • PIE - Price & Price/Revenue relationship
  • PIE - Reviews & Initial Y/N Decision
  • PIE in depth Analysis overview
  • PIE In-depth: Photos
  • PIE in-depth: Reviews
  • PIE In depth: Reviews - EXAMPLE
  • PIE in-depth: Text

Other tools for sourcing (Optional)

  • Reverse ASIN search Part 1 (Keyword Inspector)
  • Reverse ASIN searches Part 2 (Keyword Inspector)
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Product Tool
  • Example of verifying market from Market Intelligence
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Keyword Tool
  • Viral Launch- Product Discovery - Category Tool
  • Wrapup of Step 1 NICHE

Module 6 - SOURCE Generic Products

  • Sourcing Intro
  • Review of where we are in Phase 1
  • Sourcing Overview
  • Preparing to source overview
  • Example of "Sanity Check" and Research Review
  • Key Concept: Total Landed Cost (TLC)
  • "Keystone" & setting target buy price
  • Keystone Buy Price Setting EXAMPLE
  • Rule of Thumb for Air Express Freight Costs
  • China Vs. Europe or USA
  • Brexit & China
  • Trump vs. China

Sourcing Nuts & Bolts

  • Overview of China Sourcing - slide deck
  • Overview of timescales - slide deck
  • Sourcing Basic Terms & Rules of Thumb
  • Alibaba Sourcing Overview
  • Alibaba Basics - screenshare @RS to do
  • Alibaba - search and listings - screenshare @RS to do
  •  Alibaba -Initial Contact with potential suppliers
  • Filter & Eliminate Suppliers
  •  Alibaba - ordering samples - slidedeck
  •  Receiving & reviewing samples - slidedeck @RS to do
  • Shortlisting  suppliers
  • Prep centres (USA only)

Module 7 Preparing to Negotiate  & Projecting Profit & Loss

  • "Yes, we can!" - Your Attitude in sourcing
  • How to Handle yourself as a New Entrepreneur

Preparing to Negotiate - Run the Numbers!

  • Prelude to Negotation - Overview
  • Projected Accounts: Why we do them & why that matters

Profit & Loss Projection for the whole business

  • Profit and Loss Overview - Direct vs. Indirect costs
  • Profit & Loss WHOLE BUSINESS (including overheads) overview 
  • Profit & Loss Whole Business - BREAKDOWN

Projecting Gross Profit by Product Order

  • How to use the Profit & Loss Sheet to prepare for negotiation & decisions
  • P & L projection: setting Exchange rate, order size, sales price
  • Profit and loss projection: Total Landed Costs
  • Profit & Loss projection: Amazon costs
  • P & L projection: "Draft" Amazon Inbound Shipping Plan
  • Draft Amazon Inbound Shipment
  • One-off upfront costs/investments
  • Costs except Ads and Pre-Ads Gross Profit
  • Amazon Ads cost & Advertising to Sales Ratio
  • Gross Profit Margin (including ad spend)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) - Growing your Capital FAST
  • Breakeven price - a CRITICAL (and under-used) metric
  • Revised target buy cost - your Negotiation Tool
  • Review of the Sourcing module
  • Wrapup of sourcing module

Module 8 - Ordering from China 3: Negotiating & Ordering 

  • Decision time: how to decide whether to order
  • Using P & L to decide about ordering
  • Other factors in your decision to order
  • Ordering quick preview
  • preparing to talk to the factory about proceeding - slide deck
  • Negotiation Basics
  • Supply Chain to USA
  • Incoterms &  Freight options
  • Placing your order - slide deck
  • What to do while you're waiting for your order
  • Arrival day
  • Sea freight

Module 9 : Test Launch overview / introduction & Listing

  • (Reminder of) Objectives -  (face to camera)
  • Overview and timescales (slidedeck) - done
  • Introduce/Clarify concepts of Product Detail Page Listing (slidedeck)
  • Ranking vs. conversion overview (slidedeck) - done
  • Listing overview - elements of a successful listing - (Screenrecording)
  • Listing Research (slidedeck)
  • Listing text creation (slidedeck)
  • Photos (slidedeck)
  • Other Listing backend points (slidedeck)
  • Other listing frontend points (slidedeck)


Module 10 Traffic for Test Launch Generic products

  • preview of traffic (piece to camera)
  • purpose of traffic: kw ranking vs. reviews
  • On Amazon traffic overview - Organic Search, PPC, Frequently bought together
  • Amazon Ads overview (Search PPC not Headline ads)
  • Amazon ads: Auto discovery campaign
  • Amazon ads: Manual campaign
  • Reviews overview - reviews vs seller feedback
  • Reviews overview of getting reviews
  • What NOT to do at this stage with reviews
  • What NOT to do at this stage with  (generic)

Module 11: Launch complete - learnings from launch

  • Module Overview
  • Introduction to Assessing product viability 
  • KPIs
  • Update projected P and L for PL phase
  • Troubleshooting
  • If you think you have a "winner"
  • If you think you have a "loser"
  • Unanswered questions
  • Where we go from here


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Phase 2 - "SELL" (Private Label Launch)


Module 12 Step Private Label: Niche confirmation & Refinement

  • Preview
  • Intro to Phase 2
  • Overview of Phase 2
  • Overview of Niche confirmation
  • Revise basic principles
  • Revise Research basics before selling
  • Using YOUR sales data - Overview
  • Review of Module
  • Wrapup of Module


Module 13 Private Label SOURCE - Prep and negotiation 

  • Preview
  • Overview
  • Review of PLP Basics (overal phases)
  • Order process overview
  • Pre-ordering overview
  • Revise market data
  • Revise your data
  • Gated Categories
  • Restricted Products
  • Design
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Quality control overview
  • Working with a US Prep Centre
  • MOQs
  • Projected P & L
  • Negotiation
  • Review of Module
  • Wrapup

Module 14 Private Label SOURCE -placing the order

  • Payment terms & Method
  • Order documents and flow
  • Pro Forma Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • QC Documentation
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Payment: mechanics
  • Timescales
  • What to do while you're waiting
  • Manufacture done/Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Arrival at US Prep Centre
  • Freight- Incoterms
  • Sea Freight
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Customs Brokers
  • Freight Frighteners

Mod 15 Private Label LAUNCH- Listing

  • Events and timescales
  • Key concepts: Barcodes
  • Revise Aims for a listing
  • User journey mapping
  • BRAND Iceberg: Invisible Elements
  • Brand iceberg: Visible Elements
  • Words overview
  • Keywords and Customer Avatar
  • Benefits
  • Tone of voice
  • Writing the Listing.
  • Back End
  • Visual language overview
  • Product Photography
  • Working with a photographer
  • Enhanced brand content
  • Video (On Amazon)
  • Need Help? ("RARE" Service)

Module 16 Private Label LAUNCH - traffic
This is only 1/3 complete but please turn into powerpoint slides

  • Events & Timescales
  • Aims of Traffic. Refresher
  • Refresher: Test Launch Traffic Module
  • Launch Costings
  • Amazon promotion codes
  • Keyword Ranking vs BSR - Reminder
  • "Free" Off Amazon traffic (your own)
  • Video (Off Amazon)
  • Paid: Advertising channels overview
  • Amazon Launch Services
  • Storefront URLs
  • Distributing Coupon Codes
  • "Conventional" Facebook ad-Storefront URL Ranking Funnel
  • Chatbots

Module 17  KPIs and measuring

what to measure, how to find it, what it means

  • Overview of all tasks and priorities
  • Seller Central Overview
  • Dashboard overview
  • Amazon Ads
  • Business Reports
  • Account Health
  • Payments
  • Financial measurement: basics
  • Tax accounting (The boring kind)
  • Management accounts (The interesting kind)
  • Overview of Profit and Loss
  • (Gross) Profit and Loss assessment by product
  • Qualitative Information
  • Seller central Daily Tasks
  • Seller Central Weekly Tasks
  • 3rd party services that may make your life easier

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Module 18 Stock management/reordering

  • Overview of stock management
  • How Amazon handles inventory
  • Amazon Storage Fees
  • Inventory Performance Index and stock turn
  • Out of Stock vs overstock
  • Projecting stock needs
  • Adjusting for seasonal trends
  • Managing re-orders
  • Triphazards
  • Software tools

Module 19 EXPAND

  • Module Overview
  • Develop or Depart? (Is this for me?)
  • NICHE: Refining & Expanding
  • SOURCE: Expansion by Buying!
  • Adding Variations
  • Adding Related Products (Supplier's Catalogue)
  • FREIGHT: Sea Freight
  • LAUNCH: Sales Channel expansion
  • Expanding to "Normal" Amazon Marketplaces
  • Exotic Amazon Marketplaces
  • Expanding on other Marketplaces
  • LAUNCH: Marketing Channel Expansion
  • Creating your own Store
  • Creating your own Marketing Channels
  • Module Review

Module 20 REVIEW

Review of entire course

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