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Free PDF Guides

Our flagship free PDF guide for those moving into Private Label from Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or an existing business (or no business) is the 10 Step “Build” guideClick here to download it.

Other guides include:

Free Podcast Guidance

The podcast is a treasure-trove of insights, information and insiration. We now have over 3 years’ content, with over 300 episodes.


We also write detailed show notes. You can access both here


The podcast is a blend of my personal insights reflections and guidance, and Expert interviews.


We have over 145 expert episodes live, with more to come (see below for the list of guests to date – a real Who’s Who of Amazon). 


Experts interviewed to date include:

  • Greg Mercer, creator of Jungle Scout
  • Will Tjernlund (over $6million in Amazon sales in one year)
  • Adam Hudson of Reliable Education
  • Kevin King
  • Anthony Lee of Zonblast
  • Danny McMillan of Seller Sessions
  • Manuel Becvar of Import Dojo
  • Brad Moss (former head of Seller Central itself!)
  • Jeremy Biron of Forecastly


 I also simplify and apply general  economic and internet marketing principles to Amazon.  Again, much of this being based on the reality of the masterminds; the rest is based on my own experiences as a seller, all blended with the insights of general business experts.


I am not anti-theoretical frameworks – indeed, many of us rush around like headless chickens. It turns out that insight has financial value, .


That said, I believe in experimental method.A pretty idea (aka hypothesis) is all fine. But before I’m willing to hand it out as a principle or formula, it has to prove itself in a test in the cauldron of the Amazon marketplace.


That’s one of several guiding principles we try to live by here.

Paid Help

Who am I to help you?

I’m a UK based (London) Amazon Entrepreneur myself as well as working as an Amazon Coach and Amazon mastermind convenor.


I’ve been selling on Amazon USA since December 2014 and started selling in the UK in July 2015, branching out into other European marketplaces in late 2016.


Between my own brands and those of business partners, we have made around $250,000 in sales on Amazon since starting business.


However, I want to be clear: I'm NOT power seller. Nor do I pretend to be. That isn't the unique value I bring. 


What I do bring is a synthesis of insights from power sellers I work with intimately; power seller guests; and client work. I've blended those into principles & strategies that are as evergreen as it is possible to be in this ever-changing environment of modern Amazon.